Symbolbild Welle Arcticgrün
Symbolic picture of the project partner logos
 TitleAcronymLead Partner
Pilot projectsExclusion of bottom trawling in Marine Protected AreasMGF North Sea
MGF Baltic Sea
1. Alfred Wegener Institute List/Sylt
2. Institute for Baltic Sea Research Warnemünde
Theme IConcepts to reduce the impacts of man-made pressures and uses on marine ecosystems and biodiversityiSeal
3. National Park Office Tönning
4. CA University Kiel
5. CvO University Oldenburg
Theme IIConcepts for the prevention of marine pollutionCONMAR6. GEOMAR Kiel
Theme IIIModel-based investigation of future use scenarios and analysis of possible management optionsCoastalFutures7. Hereon Geesthacht
Map of project areas

Map of project areas, © J. Greinert, S. Ehlers, K. Hoppe